The artist in me

It’s a long history but here are a few paragraphs about my journey to this time and place.

When I was a boy I was intrigued by the emerging art and graphic design scene of the 1960’s. I left school in 1963 and started my working life in the Dickensian workshop of an art gallery where I was to learn about the business of picture frame making and art restoration.

It was to be the start of a career in arts and crafts but the business folded within just a few months.

Before the ink had time to dry on my notice of redundancy I had landed a job as an apprentice engineer.  My art career would have to wait.

By the late 1970’s I had created enough decent art to enter an open exhibition at the local municipal art Gallery and was rewarded with a more focused show at a private gallery. 

I had my first full exhibition in 1980 and was approached by the Director of a regional gallery who offered me a series of commissions and encouraged me to study print making at the local College of Art. By the mid 1980’s I was working as a retained freelance artist in a relationship which kept me busy for the following five years.

Following the UK recession of the late 1980’s I returned to industry as a business consultant and over the next few busy decades I developed my art in my spare time and looked for future creative directions.

In 2013 I was able to burn my industrial bridges and start a new creative journey towards this time and place. 

Tom Tomkinson